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We use our eco-friendly business model, the company’s core belief, in order to promote useful products that better our community and preserves our environment. As we seek to interact with clients, our excellent customer service is critical to our company’s success.


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What Our Customers are Saying

“The best product out there! Really enjoy it every time I BBQ. Have tried a few other gloves, but they were not nearly the same quality as this one! Will definitely buy it as a gift for my friends!.” Yulia Prisyazhnyuk

“Hi there, thank you very much for delivering a Great Product , My girlfriend is very happy with Eccofame BBQ Gloves. She is saying that they very comfortable, and definitely great value for the money plus a little Eccoflame Brash in the box was great surprise too.
Thank again.” Rich Miller

“I use the gloves around the kitchen, and never take them off. You can grab hot things out of the oven and continue working, with no problem. My kitchen time has been cut down due to the efficiency of the EccoFlame Gloves.” Jen Winslow

“I have received the silicone gloves from eccoflame. They came in really nice packing box and it was the good gift for my husband birthday.” Laura Pem

“When I set these on the kitchen counter, my wife thought they were kind of silly, especially since it was winter in Alaska. Within 4 hours, she was pulling stuff out of the oven with these mitts on. She exclaimed, “You get another pair for outside. These are staying inside with me! I can hold onto the pot easily and I don’t chance burning the back of my hands. I am not using any other potholders. These gloves are the best.” I have to agree, if the wife is happy, these must be good. I’ll write a review on how they work on the barbecue this summer, but I am confident they will be just as good.” Scott in Alaska

“Always comes through! Eccoflame is a reliable company, I made multiple orders with great results. The customer service is amazing and the work ethic shows. Definitely a satisfied customer.” Roger Bishop

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